Peter Maria Schuster

Týden stvoření – Den první

Na počest Christiana Dopplera

(The Creation Week—Day One
In Homage to Christian Doppler)

Illustrations: Helmut Krumpel; Translation: Jiři Franc

ISBN 978-3-901585-07-4 (hardcover; Czech)

first edition, September 2006; 64 pages; 10 Fig. (black-and-white reproductions of the 8 tempera paint illustrations from the German original, each a portrait photo of the author and of the artist); 215×152 mm (H×W); 350 g;

€ 10.80 (fixed selling price, Austria, incl. 10% VAT)

This book is the translation into Czech of the first epic—about the Austrian physicist Christian Doppler—of the epical lyrics series of six volumes, which becomes published by Living Edition under the collecting title The Creation Week, Day One to Day Six.

The illustrations reproduced in the Czech edition are black-and-white reproductions of the coloured tempera paint illustrations by the artist Helmut Krumpel in the German original epic.

Translated to Czech from the German original:

Schöpfungswoche Tag eins

Peter M. Schuster

Schöpfungswoche – Tag eins

Christian Doppler zur Huldigung

(The Creation Week—Day One
In Homage to Christian Doppler)