Peter Maria Schuster

Und was geschieht mit dem Licht?

Physiker, Dichter und andere Reisende – Essays

(And Then, What Will Happen to Such Lights?
About Physicists, Poets and More Travelers—Collected Essays)

ISBN 978-3-901585-08-1 (softcover; German)

first edition, September 2006; 248 pages; 200×140 mm (H×W); 330 g;

€ 14.40 (fixed selling price, Austria, incl. 10% VAT)

As its title gives to understand, the book comprises a collection of essays, which the lyric and physicist Peter Maria Schuster has undertaken on a number of outstanding lights among physicists, poets and more travelers and on their worthwhile journey through life.

The traveling leads the reader across the characteristic worlds, the world of measuring and understanding—inhering in scientists, from Christian Doppler to Erwin Schroedingebr, the world of lingual and sensuous empathy—inhering in poets, from Christine Lavant to Uwe Johnson—or the world of blank confrontation—from Eduard Glaser, the Austrian explorer of Southern Arabia, to Bobby Sands, fighting for independence. Contriving not to take the stumbling steps of ‘historianizing’ reports, the texts invite the reader to allying company. The pondering but intrepid advancing of these daring spirits on their way to cognition, lays spellbound hold on us the commonly unmindful walkers and evokes an infinite abundance of experience like a scintillating spectrum of lights, which dull unconsciousness had kept denying to us.