Peter Schuster

Unter dem Kreuz

(Under the cross)

ISBN 978-3-901585-01-2 (softcover; German)

first edition, July 1995; 120 pages; 1 Fig.; 210×145 mm (H×W); 160 g;

€ 13.00 (recommended retail price, incl. 10% VAT)

Peter Maria Schuster: “…the theme dates back to when I was the head altar boy to a Vienna church.”

In 1995, Living Edition Publishers edited this early work by the author Peter Maria Schuster. He wrote it down as a novel thirty years before, when he could not bear any longer the lie in that a Church—whose teachings are no more besides ‘the take-off from our world into a better one, into a world that remains unknown to us, that is not able to exist here’—on their side are apparently enjoying and dominating this world here.